About us

Elior's mission is to turn every break in a well-being moment



Italian flavor, well-being, innovation and professionalism are our ingredients to turn every meal in over 106 millions moments to taste every year.

We are a big group, leader in Italy with 2.000 restaurants and 12.000 collaborators, and we have just one mission: take care of each one of you thanks to balanced restaurant solutions with custom and innovative services which make breaks an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves and the others.



The ingredients that make us unique


Taste and wellness

We prepare healthy and tasty recipes


Food culture

We offer you traditional recipes and contemporary reworks

Innovation to forestall all your needs

We listen to our clients to grow together


360° constant research and quality

We work hard everyday to provide you our best


Sustainability in each stage of work

Our responsability is both personal and common, for a positive future


A passionate and competent staff

that know how to take care of each and every one of you.



Please visit our website www.elior.it to know us.