Raw cacao: the wonders and benefits of the “Food of the Gods”



Raw cacao is a variety of cacao obtained using a special production method and is renowned for its many health benefits, due to its abundance of vitamins and antioxidants.

We are talking about an ancient and unique history: cocoa beans were discovered by pre-Columbian populations and have been referred to as the “food of the gods since that time. In fact, this extraordinary food is loved all over the world for its unmistakable flavour and nutritional properties.

Raw cacao can also be obtained from the same fruit by simply changing the type of processing of the beans: no toasting, with the seeds treated at a maximum temperature of 42°C. This different process allows obtaining a product that keeps the nutrients intact, as well as all the vitamins and mineral salts: thus making it a good source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and, to a lesser extent, iron, selenium and zinc. It also boasts a wide range of vitamins such as A, and group B, C and E vitamins. Speaking of inner and outer youthfulness, raw cacao has a very high antioxidant power: 19 times higher than an apple.

A study published by the British Journal of Nutrition indicated that polyphenols - also present in wine and green tea - effectively reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, especially in overweight people. Cacao is rich in polyphenols, however raw cacao is even richer in polyphenols.

Therefore it’s okay to indulge in a piece of chocolate once a day....not only because it’s healthy but because it tastes so good!